I wanted to actually just do a review on the latest launch from Sisley, their Hydra-Global Serum, but then felt mean excluding my beloved moisturiser from them, All Day All Year, as it’s really this combo that has been making me and my skin pretty darn happy of late.


This is the new launch and the star of this post as, hell, I love a new launch from Sisley. They don’t launch products often, but when they do you know it’s going to be something pretty special. Also, the fact that this product is 100% aimed at my skin type helps too; an anti-aging hydrating booster. MUSIC TO MY EARS. It packs in the most powerful punch of hydration and, through the various potent plant extract, aims at retaining moisture in the skin. You have your Yeast Extracts of Blue Agave, Carob Seeds, Japanese Cedar bud extract (to increase hydration levels) Wild Pansy extract (to help with circulation of moisture) and Iris and Eleweiss extract (which helps retain the moisture). When I initially opened my box with this product in I applied it within seconds. I was so taken-aback by the luxurious texture and scent that I made Marc and my best friend (who was staying with me at the time) come to the bathroom so they could experience it too. Think Sage, Lavender and Marjoram – utter heaven. The great thing about this serum is it is something that is suited to most skin types (we all need extra hydration) and because the formula is still light and gel-like, it would also work brilliantly for an oily skin. It sinks in beautifully and feels really soothing and calming at the same time. My skin looks refreshed and hydrated on application and, after nearly 3 weeks of solid use, my skin appears much more hydrated. I always judge this by looking at it after cleansing, before I apply product and the difference is visible.


I initially screen shotted a pic of this product after reading a review on it last year. I knew it was something that would suit my skin type and lifestyle. It’s essentially an anti-aging day cream but it has other benefits to it that make it really unique. It is dual-purpose; so you have your anti-aging benefits, as I’ve already said, and then you have your protection properties, so like having a built in spf. The moisturiser has an Anti-UVA-UVB shield – with tiny encapsulated filters that provide this function. It also has the protection against free radicals which protect the skin from harmful external factors like air-con, pollution etc. As with all Sisley products, I simply cannot get enough of the scent. It has the same essential oil as the Hydra-Global (Marjoram), which I seem to be a big fan of. In terms of use, you would use this day time only to benefit from the protecting qualities. It feels rich enough to plump up dull, tired skin but still light enough to make the perfect make up base. A huge benefit here is you are getting your protection, yet don’t have any white cast on the skin. It simply feels like a really luxurious moisturiser. As you all know by now, Sisley is available at selected Edgars stores.

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    I received a generous sample of the All day all year and I am in love. Wish I could buy the full size product. I just cannot justify the costs thereof.


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