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I got sent a few products from Lavish Skincare a few weeks ago – one being their cleanser, their night cream and their x-factor scrub. Their products are 100% natural which I liked, and are super affordable (and smell great). You all know I am a fan of high-tech products on my skin – it excites me using really advanced skincare but I was still open to trying Lavish, especially as a lot of you often ask me about natural skincare ranges that are affordable and local.

The Ex-Factor Scrub – R140

The Ex-Factor scrub contains Buchu from Fynbos which helps with excess oil, evens out skin tone and reduces breakouts. The scrub is not abrasive on the skin which I like as this can lead to sensitivity and redness. Even though we like this ‘scrubby’ feeling on our skin, it really does do more damage than it’s worth. You can read this post or this one where I really elaborate.

The Pure & Simple Facial Cleanser – R105

This is an Aloe Vera based cleanse. This ingredient is great on the skin as it is easily absorbed, drawing the other beneficial ingredients with it. It soothes your skin and gently cleans away dirt while its anti-bacterial properties protects your skin from irritations. The cleanser has a lovely zingy citrus scent from lime. Just a side note, this felt very similar to the ESSE cleanser (which I love) – and much cheaper!

Sweet Dreams Intensive Night Cream – R165

This stuff smells like heaven. Last night, on applying it, I literally sat for a bout 15 minutes putting more and more on my neck and décolletage. It has honeybush in it which boosts free-radical fighting anti-oxidants and soothes and calms your skin. It also helps to increase the skin’s resistance to day-time UV damage. The shea butter adds extra moisture. Even though this is an intense hydrator I found it quite light and that it absorbed well which was great.

You can check out their website for their other products and stockists over here. Rather drop them a mail as they are growing fast with new stockists all the time. They should be in Wellness Warehouse by end Jan and can be bought online on Faithful To Nature.

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