Getting my tan on…

I firmly believe that one way of feeling summery and ready to slip into all your summer forcks is by getting a nice tan and, if like me, you work full time and only get to the beach when Cape Town actually decides to have nice, non-windy weather on a weekend, then fake tan is the way to go.

Caribbean Tan is a South African company and has been around since 2007 – I am pretty sure most of you have tried their products or at least seen them in store. I, personally, love the colour of the tan that you get from Caribbean Tan – never orange and quite an intense colour, so not really something for first timers, but fantastic for seasoned self-tanners who know the deal and want a proper tan.

The range has really expanded with a wide selection of newproducts that suit all sorts of different needs – from foams and wipes to instant colour spritz’s and salon spray tans!

I was treated to one of their salon spray tans that have just launched at the Ageless Faces salon in Claremont. The girls really are so lovely and friendly here and they know the deal when it comes to spray tans – wow!

I love the colour as it really does give you that instant tan you want. It’s even and wears well, although does need a load of moisturiser to keep it up (as all spray tans do). There was no funny colour on my hands or feet which was a relief. The colours range from light, medium and dark – I went for medium which was perfect for my skin tone.

See more detail on Caribbean tan here and book your spray tan at Ageless Faces here (or call 021 683 4424).

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