Life Update: The Big Move

I know a few of you have already asked me about this and I had a bunch of questions when I announced it on my Instagram the other eve, so thought I would do this post to fill you in (for those who happen to care 🙂 )  – I’ve taken the plunge and handed my notice in at work (after 5 years and many tears) – and am making the big move to Joburg.

I know it’s all relative, but in my little world it has been a very big decision as 1) I absolutely adore my job, my colleagues etc and 2) well, Cape Town is quite a nice place to call home – I have my beautiful little flat here that I’ve lived in for 7 years, my incredible friends and my little routine that I absolutely love. Talk about being in a comfort zone!!! Change is good though, and after doing long distance with Marc for over a year, we are ready to see the back of it! Anyone who has done long distance will know how tough it is and, the bottom line being, no matter how beautiful the place you live is or how many amazing friends you have around you; if the person you love isn’t there, then it all feels rather dull. Marc and I have been together for 5 years now and, even though JHB was never really in our plan, work sometimes means you have to shake things up a bit. We don’t see JHB as a ‘forever’ thing and do plan on coming back to Cape Town in time, but then again – you can’t plan these things and who knows where we will end up. As far as Joburg goes, I have very mixed feelings! There is yet to be a person I have spoken to who hasn’t told me how much I will love it, so I am doing my best to go with an open mind. There are SO many things that I am so excited for, especially obviously being with Marc and seeing the back of many Sunday afternoon airport drop-offs and tears. BUT, hell, I am going to miss Cape Town; the beautiful scenery that I never take for granted, my home and Tamboerskloof, the restaurants, my yoga studio and and and. I guess it’s the home-body in me (Cancerian) who loves knowing a city backwards, like I know Cape Town; I have my local pharmacy, my dentist, my nail salon and my coffee spots (and so much more) but then again, it’s good to bring change into your life. (Jeepers, even typing this I can see what a dull person I sound like, but I love routine) In terms of work and blog things; well that’s all pretty undefined. I am going there jobless which is a decision I made a while ago (as terrifying as it is). I kind of feel like nothing has felt ‘right’ at this point and I want to use this time to settle into a new place and take time to either start up my own thing, find the right job or see where blog things take me. I know it’s all quite open ended, but I have worked solidly with NO breaks for ages, and feel I need to take some time out to properly assess what I want to do. I have SO many ideas and have had amazing conversations that have all got me very excited. I feel that when I actually am finished up with work, I will have the time and renewed energy to give these prospects my focus and make a decision from there (plus, the idea of going to yoga at 10am for at least one month or more of my life is quite appealing). Here’s to eating beans on toast for the next while… Either way, Kiss, Blush and Tell will be getting a lot more of my time 🙂 Since starting this blog I have been running it on top of a full time, corporate job that has been close to impossible at times. This has meant I don’t go to many events, get home after the sun sets and, often times, have little energy to turn on my laptop at 8pm and start writing up a post. That will all be changing. I do foresee there being a bit of downtime on here when I actually make the move. My beauty products will be all boxed up and, until we find a home, my environment will probably be pretty un-glam (think boxes surrounding me, recycling outfits and a boys house – joy). I have a three month notice period at work, so will be here until then. Even though most of my readers are Cape Tonians, to those Jozi gals, I will be needing all the recommendations in the world from you. Thank you for all of your lovely messages. You lot have made me less nervous and more excited about this big change. Expect to be hearing a lot more from me, more regularly and thank YOU so much for putting up with my erratic, non-existent schedule. Here’s to discovering a new city and many MANY visits back home at every chance I get (I hope)


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  1. Unknown
    Unknown says:

    I'm a joburg girl and I love reading your blog. I'm looking forward to all the joburg recommendations you will make

  2. Yolandi North
    Yolandi North says:

    Dear Tori

    Good luck with the move. After two years in the Garden Route, we're back in Joburg & it is amazing. Joburg has many friendly faces, lots to do & see plus a 'can do'-ness that no other place in SA has.

    Moving can be tough though, so please shout if you need a coffee, salon recommendation, dentist nr or just someone to chat to.

    Big hug. x

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Dear Tori,

    I am a HUGE Fan of yours! I am always commenting on everything.

    I thought I was the only person in the world who is obsessed with skin care. Nothing is every 'quite' enough! People think I am mad sometimes because my obsession runs so deep! I followed your blog when I lived in JHB, I follow it now I am in London and anyone who asks me about my own skin and recommendations, I put them onto your blog (I currently have my assistant and my designer reading your blog as I write this from a freezing London). I trust all your opinions and buy plenty products you recommend!

    JHB is hectic as you know but we will welcome you with open arms.

    My own recommendations you might like:

    I have a private beautician in the Fourways area , Elizabeth. She runs the salon from her home. I have been seeing her for years. She is available on miabella18.e[at] Elizabeth is my gem. I Face Time her with pimple problems from London. Her prices are not mad and crazy, she treats everyone like a friend and knows our 'family skin' (come from a family of skin care obsessed maniacs).

    Eyelashes and micro needling at Refresh Brows and Lashes (find on Instagram), she is based in Dainfern and has great prices.

    Good luck with your move!

  4. Jacquie Hodgson
    Jacquie Hodgson says:

    This is so exciting!

    I'm a Capetonian coverted to a Jozi girl 😉 And also love my routine. Was super frustrating at first not ever knowing where I was, but it gets easy quickly 🙂 I'll always love Cape Town, but I can't imagine not living in Jozi now. It has the most amazing energy, and the people are just wonderful. Not sure where you'll be based, but I found the Parks are most resonant with Cape Town and are super quaint. There are lots of cute nail bars and beauty spots. Some of my fav's are Polish (Parktown), Miss Salon London (Parkhurst), Life Day Spa (Rosebank), and Flutter (eyelashes etc – Hyde Park).

    Just shout if you need any recommendations! It will be such a fun adventure and always cheaper to fly over the seas than from CT 😉 Good luck with moving! I don't envy you that! xxx

  5. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    Hi Ellen, what a lovely message – thanks SO much. Means the world and great to have another skin fanatic 🙂 Thanks for your recommendations too, Elizabeth sounds like an absolute gem. Appreciate your support, always xxxx

  6. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    Thanks so much Jacquie – means the world to have all your tips and only hear good things about Jozi, so very excited now. We will def stay in the Park areas. Marc has been in Parkhurst for the past year so we will find a new spot that isn't too far. I will be calling on your JHB gals when I am there for recommendations, but will def refer to this list. Thanks SO much xxx


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