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I put the below pic up on the Kiss, Blush and Tell Facebook page a while back as well as Instagram and Twitter and got your feedback on these two fragrances, plus got a few very intrigued comments. 

I have to say, I agree – these bottles would catch anyone’s eye! Super bling and nothing you want to hide in your bathroom cabinet 🙂 The general feedback I got was a whole lotta love for Viva La Juicy and a few devoted Juicy Couture EDP fans. Here are my thoughts: Viva la Juicy EDP Viva La Juicy caught my attention first as its base notes are caramel, praline and vanilla – need I say more?! This fragrance has a real cult following and has been loved by many since its launch in 2008. In my mind this is definitely a go-to fragrance for that night out as I did find it super sweet, but in a really pretty/sexy way. It certainly made me feel fresh and young when wearing it and it lasted amazingly well (something I battle to find in fragrances).   For the boys who read KBT (yes, there are a few) this is your answer to a good Christmas present!

Juicy Couture EDP This one really was a favourite. It’s almost like you can judge a book my it’s cover with these two fragrances. I immediately preferred this packaging and it’s similar to the actual scent inside; elegant, vintage, mature, pretty and soft with Viva La Juicy being more bold, loud, sexy, fun and flirty – both perfect for different moods.  The top notes include watermelon, mandarin and pink passion fruit mingled with the sparkling freshness of bright marigold and fresh green apple, enhanced by a splash of water hyacinth and crushed leaves. Middle notes are made up of Couture tuberose wrapped in wild rose with princess lily and creamy tuberose and finally a base of (wait for it) Caramel Crème Brulée and Vanilla meld with precious woods and Patchouli. It sounds edible, doesn’t it?! This also lasted beautifully. Lastly I got a query about which one could be a wedding fragrance, and the below would be my personal choice. Pop in store to give them a smell as both seem very popular 🙂

These both retail for R795 (100ml) and R545 (50ml) and available at Edgars and Red Square stores. Run, run!

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