Get the Look: Superga High-Tops

I have to apologise for the big blog break I’ve taken but I was in the UK (as you may have seen on Instagram and Twitter) on 3 weeks leave and the break was exactly what I needed!

As you can imagine, I have returned home feeling so inspired after all the amazing things on offer in the stores over there, especially with the festive season and colder weather – nothing makes me more excited. The sneaker trend is still happening, probably more than ever and there are no signs of it fading away any time soon. Every shoe brand, even the most high-end, have a wide range of sneakers – has there ever been a better trend comfort-wise? I think not!

Superga’s were pretty much in every store I went into – sometimes just the basic range and other times there limited edition high-fashion ranges (depending which store it was). Above are the pair I took on the trip with me and pretty much lived in, they are their High-Cut range and just so super-comfy. I find Converse too narrow on my feet, they tend to hurt my baby toe. These, however, are so comfy and versatile. I’ve also included my three favourite styles below that I saw when I was overseas (some available in SA).

And the three styles on my wishlist:

1) The Limited Edition Suki Waterhouse range that has just hit Topshop

2) Leopard Print – saw these at or these one’s available on SA site are similar.

3) Summer Floral range, love these!

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