Bikini Shopping

Thailand is two weeks away. I need a bikini. Can you sense the urgency??

I have a few, probably too many, but each time summer comes around I need a new one, we all do really. So I’ve been on the hunt, and the only problem is the one’s I truly have fallen in love with are from the likes of Phillip Lim and Jessika Allen hmmmmm…. I simply cannot afford one, seen as I can barely afford a Billabong one at the rate I’m going – anyway here is my selection, are they not just too gorgeous! I think a well-styles black bikini goes a long way, take this Phillip Lim one as my example, and of course a bright beachy one like the rest of these – not sure if I’ll be sporting the one-piece though, think I’ll leave that up to the likes of Dom Piek, Candice Swanepoel and the gals…

And the Ugly Award goes to…

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