Vita Liberata: The Best Spray Tan, ever

I am so excited to tell you all about this new product that has recently arrived in South Africa! So excited, in fact, that I have completely bumped this review to the top of my to-do list, and that is one helluva list! Anyway, Vita Liberata is an Irish organic tanning range. Now I am a seasoned self-tan user, I’ve pretty much tried them all. I love the convenience and safety of a spray tan and, come on, we all feel that much better when we are bronzed!

I got invited to experience a Vita Liberata spray tan a week ago and was pretty excited after all the hype I had read about overseas. The product isn’t cheap, but I truly can say it is worth every penny. Here are some of the reasons why:

It’s non-toxic and organic: The spray tan products we all know and use are chemical. Vita Liberata is non-toxic meaning all nasties have been removed including the dreaded parabens. These are all damaging to our bodies and leave the skin feeling incredible dry. This product is bursting with natural ingredients all resulting in a flawless, even tan and hydrated, soft skin.

Unique Moisture-Lock System: The product has a unique moisture lock system which locks moisture in the skin up to 72 hours resulting in super soft skin and no crocodile hands which you often see after using other fake tanning products.

Quick Drying: The product dries very quickly and you are able to slip into loose, dark clothing after 5 minutes of application. Pretty similar to the tans though as I find most of them are quick drying, this is just less sticky, in my opinion.

Odourless: This is a big one for me as I actually cannot bare the smell of fake tan! There is an ever-so-slight hint of a scent on the skin but nothing that would ever bother you or anyone around you and one shower does the job of removing any hints, unlike other tans which linger after 3 to 4 showers. Ewww.

The Perfect Fade: I got told this straight after my tan and was a tad suspect as no tan I have ever tried has faded well. Every single time, without fail, I end up looking like I have some terrible skin disease! This time, however, I was very wrong. This tan fades magically. This is seriously amazing and if you are a seasoned self-tanner, you will be as excited as I am about this. No patches, no flakey skin, just a gradual fade that means you can continue exposing your skin and don’t have to go into hibernation for the last few days!

This is by no means me slating other brands, as I really have tried loads of amazing tanning products that I will continue to use and recommend to you guys, but Vita Liberata is that other option that we have been waiting for! I would, hands down, recommend this tan to any bride for their big day as you don’t turn another shade of orange, but rather go as brown as your natural skin usually would in natural sun exposure (after an exotic island holiday). No one will actually even guess it is a spray tan, that’s how great it is.

Vita Liberata also have an extremely popular retail range to help maintain your tan, look after your skin. The products are super luxurious and the ‘it’ tan product to use overseas. The price is steep but if you can afford it, you certainly won’t regret the splurge.

To give it a try call Just Skin:

021 433 1783

 Just Skin Aesthetic Clinic, 

Shop 8, First Floor, 

Portside Centre, 

Cnt Upp Portswood Rd, 

7 Main Road, Green Point

Just Skin website

Vita Liberata South Africa Facebook page will keep you up to date with new stockist info, the brand only launched in March so is growing a lot.

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    Chantel says:

    Hi there I am looking to get a spray tan course in vita Liberata can you please help me. Where as i can get this done.


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