Hair loss for women & how it can be treated

It’s so often that we hear about men’s hair loss but never really about us women, especially because for us hair loss doesn’t necessarily mean bald patches, but rather thinning which can often not even be noticed by others but is something that would bother each and every one of us, however mild the case may be.

On my recent visit to the amazingly talented David Gilson at Carlton Constantia I told him about my concerns of hair thinning and he agreed that it was most definitely a problem. Now, luckily for me, I have a lot of hair so my thinning was only really evident to me, but because my hair was very long it made it look a bit ratty at the ends (my worst look) and made my pony tail look a bit miserable, so I left it up to David to do what he does best.

Causes of hair loss or thinning:

What David recommended:

First things first David recommended chopping off a good 10/15cm of my hair which I agreed to (even though I was quite anxious). The only reason I felt apprehensive was because of the fact that I love my long hair but I was hanging onto this and not the fact that it didn’t look good – despite the length.

David also suggested putting in a natural  non-premanent colour to add nourishment and shine. We went for a colour that was pretty similar to my natural colour, this wash just accentuated the shine and made my hair looked revived.

We then also decided on an in-salon treatment from the Davines Energizing range. The treatment was a very active stimulating solution that was put on the scalp to accelerate growth and general health of the scalp. This tingling was something else (in a good way) and I could definitely feel the active ingredients doing their job!

Lastly, David recommended me taking home the Energizing range from Davines. I was completely convinced when the lady getting her hair done next to me had also had thinning of the hair and said this range was her life saver! As if I needed convincing?!

Davines Energizing Range

I actually can’t deal with how pretty this range looks in my bathroom. I never want it to end. Anyway, that aside it works magic too, much to my relief.

The Energizing Shampoo

This shampoo cleanses the hair while stimulating scalp micro-circulation which brings all the nutrients to the root of the hair helping with both growth as well as general hair health and shine.It can be used in two ways: an intensive treatment which is every other day for 1 month or a maintenance treatment which is twice a week for 2 months.

The Energizing Gel

This is a concentrated treatment that is applied to the scalp post-shampoo and in tingles like mad (feels amazing). This is great for hair growth and and helps with the strength of the new hair.

The Energizing Lotion – a treatment for stress-related hair loss

This treatment is for fragile scalps and hair that is prone to falling out. It stimulates skin microcirculation and improve scalp elasticity contrasting hair loss. Its formula is particularly recommended for hair loss due to stress and seasonal factors, but also as a preventive treatment in susceptible people.

The Energizing Supplement – a treatment for hormone related hair loss

It combats hormone-related hair loss, androgenetic alopecia and the hyper-production of sebum, which may be associated with it. It results in hair that grows healthier and stronger, the scalp has more tone and lower sebum production.

My thoughts:

I found this entire range incredibly stimulating, which is exactly what I wanted. I wanted to ‘feel’ something working on my scalp and see results which I certainly have got. Obviously results aren’t overnight, but the baby hair I have is quite astounding! Aside from this amazing range that I can highly recommend, a good chop and in-salon treatment does wonders for hair thinning too!

Thanks so much to David and his team!

Carlton Constantia

Constantia Village – (021) 794 4417/8

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  1. Luzanne (Pink Peonies)
    Luzanne (Pink Peonies) says:

    I love the packaging of these products – I'm such a sucker for interesting packaging. And if the products really work well, then it's a big bonus! 🙂

    I need to give this a a go since I also have had quite a bit of hair loss over the last almost 2 years.

    Do you know if this will be sold anywhere else in SA? I live in Centurion unfortunately. 🙁

  2. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    Hi Luzanne, I have also been told by another readers today that the following supplement works wonders: biotin + arcon-tisane. These products will be available from all Carlton salons so just look where your closest one is as they are all over 🙂

  3. Loren ♥ Minkys Blog
    Loren ♥ Minkys Blog says:

    I've just recently started using Nioxin, as I've just noticed my hair is starting to thin slowly but surely too, but I rather try prevent it sooner than later. I am definitely going to give this a try as well. I love your reviews- they so honest and informative, thank you Tori 🙂 x

  4. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    Thanks Loren. Glad you like them 🙂 Yes heard Nioxin is good but not tried it. Read above comment – apparently those supplements work wonders too 🙂

  5. Luzanne (Pink Peonies)
    Luzanne (Pink Peonies) says:

    Thanks so much for letting me know, I'll definitely go take a look at my nearest Carlton salon. 🙂

  6. Unknown
    Unknown says:

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  7. nancy john
    nancy john says:

    Thank you for outlining the flaws in hair growth pills! It just never sat well with me, popping pills for hair growth.

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  8. Maryam Lyla
    Maryam Lyla says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful post really! hair care products I think this is the right place for me!


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