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I am typing this blog post and, for the first time in ages, wearing a chunky knit whilst still shivering. South African winters are not for the faint-hearted (unless you live in Durban) and can wreak havoc on our skins. The lack of moisture in the air, combined with the drop in temperatures means we need to tweak our skincare routines to ensure we don’t end up with tight, dry, itchy skin.

Today I am going to be discussing two ingredients in detail: Squalane and Hyaluron/Hyaluronic Acid. Two key ingredients focused on hydrating and locking in the moisture – a great combo! Both of which are found in the brand new SKOON Hydration Super Duo.

This duo pack from SKOON contains both aforementioned ingredients: you have the SKOON Wow Wow Wonder serum (15ml) which contains your Hyaluron and Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, which is your Vitamin C, alongside a bottle of the SKOON Squalane (also 15ml) which is pure Squalane. The dream team to combat the winter blues! Let’s unpack the ingredients and why they are beneficial in any skincare routine.


Funnily enough, this question has cropped up quite a bit in my DMs of late – you guys are keen to learn more about Squalane and its benefits. `This is a pretty straightforward ingredient which aims to lock in that moisture BUT there is a bit of background I want to give you first.

You may have heard Squalane pronounced differently, like ‘Squalene’ – these are, in fact, two different things so let me try and (super succinctly) explain the difference. Squalene with an ‘E’, is naturally produced by the body – it’s produced by the oil glands in our skin. This oil is made up of a few things, Squalene included, and aims to help keep the skin moisturized and keep our skin barrier happy (amongst other things). However, like with all good things skin-related, this slows down with age (JOY) which is where Squalane comes in (with an ‘A‘). Squalene isn’t stable enough to be used ‘as is’ so when hydrogenated (to prevent oxidation), it becomes Squalane.

In other words, squalane is a more stable and effective version of squalene which you will find in your skincare products.

In the past, squalane has been sourced from shark liver oil (delightful) but, thankfully, things have evolved and we’ve become more environmentally aware, so found plant sources that are just as effective. In the case of the SKOON Squalane, this is from Olive extracts.

So, let me get to the point, the benefits of Squalane: along with its endless moisturizing benefits, it softens texture and soothes and prevents irritation. It balances the skin’s oil production and plumps up fine lines and wrinkles.

Lastly, because of the make-up of this ingredient, it really is beneficial to pretty much all skin types – even reactive and sensitive skins.

Hyaluron / hyalouronic acid

You’ve heard me yack on about this ingredient waaaay too many times, so apologies in advance that I’m at it again 🙂 It’s a popular question and one I’ve never written about on my blog, so here we have it 🙂 Hyaluron/Hyaluronic Acid/HA is something that, again (like squalene), naturally occurs in our skins and (shock horror) – it depletes with age, too.

This ingredient is a humectant – meaning it has an incredible ability to draw and hold water – one gram of hyaluronic acid can hold up to SIX liters of water. That basically sums up this ingredient. The word ‘acid’ often throws people and makes them think of the exfoliating acids we often speak to. Hyaluronic acid has nothing to do with the exfoliating Alpha Hydroxy Acids. Just think Hyaluron = hydration.

It too, like Squalane, plays really well with most skin types and most ingredients. They are both pretty fool proof and can be used daily in your routine (morning and night). In terms of what age you can start using both of these ingredients: there is no set answer to this, but if you are in your early twenties and feeling dry, then go for it!

So, there you have it, a summary of two super-juicy and hydrating ingredients that are easy to include in your routine and should definitely be looked at if the mere thought of winter sends scaly-lizard-like shivers down your spine. These two will combat this and keep your barrier happy and ready to protect you throughout the harsher weather.

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This post was sponsored by SKOON

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