The new look from Crocs

Now this isn’t exactly something I ever thought I would feature on this blog, but the lovely ladies at Croc’s PR agency recently sent me a few pairs to try out and I was pleasantly surprised. I even dithered about making the title anything to do with Crocs, as without knowing that part, you would all probably love them 🙂 The pairs that I got sent are as un-Croc-like as you can get and no one would know you are wearing something from Crocs themselves, but rather something really understated and pretty normal. I say normal here, as I don;t classify the traditional Crocs shoe as a normal looking shoe. The part I loved the most was the fact that they are so comfortable (I know one shouldn’t dress for comfort, but these also look really nice). It kind of annoys me the whole ‘hate’ thing everyone has going on with Crocs, yes the originals are pretty revolting and I am not a fan of their high heels – but their new ranges really do look nice, so much so that I plan on packing a pair (the slops) for my holiday as they weigh next to nothing! I received the Carlie Flat Animal Wave (R549.95)

The Women’s Wellie Rainboot in black (R599.95)

And the black Sexi Flip thongs (R299.95)

Any thoughts? 

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  1. Natasha
    Natasha says:

    They have really nice new shoes, I don't know why the ugly original ones are even still available. How are the leopard print shoes? I'm so wary of plastic shoes, my feet get blisters so easily. I've only looked at the ones with a fabric upper.


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