My bathroom counter is ever-changing, as you can imagine! I am always switching things out, getting rid of products I just don’t feel are working for me, and adding in new one’s that I feel my skin could benefit from at that time. This lot below have been pretty steady in this space, however, and I feel they deserve a mention.

NUXE RIEV DE MIEL FACE & BODY ULTRA-RICH CLEANSING GEL I adore NUXE products, I always have. Long before they arrived in South Africa! This name is a tad mis-leading as it calls itself a ‘face and body wash’, where I would absolutely only call it a body wash. Either way, it’s absolute heaven on the skin. It has a gorgeous earthy-honey scent, and feels so comforting in these colder months. Now I just need them to launch the body cream version of this. Pump packaging and all! GUCCI BLOOM ACQUA DI FIORI You all know how much I’ve loved incorporating this scent into my collection. So many of you have gone out and sniffed it and, subsequently, not been able to resist buying it. It’s just that good. I have been wearing this daily and love how fresh it makes me feel. Sure, it is more of a summery scent, but the subtle florals are suitable all-year-around and they remind me of being on a  European summer holiday. Not sure if that’s a good thing, or just plain torture!? Probably the latter. It also makes it pretty hard to ever trump this scent when the bottle looks the way it does on your bathroom counter! Gucci, you can do no wrong. If you want to see my full review on this gorgeous scent, then pop over here.

Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water I’m going to keep this short and sweet as you can’t get this here. I ordered in from Sephora US and a friend bought it back with her. It just ticks all the boxes for me; a light mist, beautifully hydrating, subtle but fresh scent! There also seems to be a bit of a pattern here when it comes to good packaging! Lancome Teint Idole Foundation This is definitely not a new discovery. I have been telling you guys about this foundation for years. It is my go-to foundation that I recommend to you lot all the time, as it really is the one I get the most compliments about when I wear it. I have been struggling with the wrong shade for a while, which put me off having it in my stash, but I recently got a shade that is absolutely spot on (025) and I’m chuffed as anything! I tend to use this when I am doing my ‘proper make up days’, so for events like weddings or a smarter dinner. It lasts a treat, has good coverage without looking too cakey and still gives my just the right amount of glow. Try it out guys, it really is amazing and 100% my go-to foundation of choice. Urban Decay All-Nighter Concealer I’ve spoken about this A LOT on Instagram, so excuse the repetition. It’s a new launch from Urban Decay their very full coverage concealer. This product can pretty much cover anything up, so if you want a natural concealer for those ‘no-make-up’ days, then this is not the one. I, however, have found a way to use this that has made it a pretty consistent product in my routine. I have shown you in my stories, but I literally put the teensiest dot on the darkest area of my eye, and proceed to pat it out straight away (it dries fast) with my ring finger. That’s it. So quick and easy, but I know I’m ensuring that little spot of darkness is gone! I wanted to mention it again as I normally see full coverage and run a mile, but I clearly do need some full coverage in my life 🙂 La Roche Posay Toleriane Riche All these French names can get rather confusing, but this moisturiser from La Roche Posay has been so great for Winter. It’s not overly thick or greasy yet soothes the skin like no other. I just feel like it’s one of those products that my skin craves and is always happy when I return to it. It feels restorative and, with it’s simple list of ingredients, it’s my go-to when I have been testing a few too many products and I just need to restore the calm back into my skin. You all know that this is possibly my top recommended brand on KBT when it comes to affordable skincare because I am yet to try something that I don’t approve of. That’s it, short and sweet 🙂

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