ghd air. A life saver

You don’t know what a hairdryer is until you’ve tried this. Seriously girls.

I am the most low-maintenance hair person ever. I would never wake up early to style my hair, but that’s cos my hair is naturally straight with a slight wave to it – super easy.

I got a fabulous ghd air towards the end of last year and really wanted to give it a proper bash. I didn’t want to start blow-drying my hair each morning – I don’t have the time and don’t think I need that, but I did want something that would a) dry wet hair efficiently and b) make my hair look like I had woken up 30 minutes earlier to style it.

Now obviously my hair dryer that I owned previous to this (from Tony & Guy) did the drying part. Yes, the ghd air dried the hair a bit faster but I’m not going to lie to you and say it’s worth getting it just for this reason. That would be silly. 

The difference (and magic) comes in when you see the result as the ghd air leaves your hair looking silky, smooth and styled – just like your ghd Styler would. Now that is definitely not what my current hair dryer did.

The ghd air has become even more vital in my getting ready routine than my actual styler – it literally gives my exactly what I was looking for in a quick, efficient way.

For those wondering exactly how this results in true ‘good hair days’, here is what they have to say:

So what makes the ghd air™ different? Well, almost everything. Its 2,100W motor makes it much more powerful than a normal hairdryer, while the body itself is shaped to give you a faster blow-dry. The ghd air ™ doesn’t just dry your hair, it uses advanced ionic technology to lock in moisture for softer, shinier results that last for longer, with far less frizzing

For more details check out the site here.

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  1. anyekersop
    anyekersop says:

    Thanks for the objective review. I have been wondering if the price equals the results you get (as with the straightener). My hair is quite frizzy and the only thing that can tame it is my ghd straightener. Cannot wait for your review on the new eclipse.


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