Introducing the ‘Top 5’ series on KB&T

This is merely an introduction to something new, and something that always interests me. I am the number one fan of quizzing people on the beauty must-haves or skin care routine, and the first to want to give those products a try. I wanted to do this because, not only is it a way to hear peoples best kept secrets, but it’s a way to discover new products that actually work– both affordable ones and a luxurious treat. I think every one of us girls out there are constantly on the search for the hair serum that gives silky Cheryl Cole-like locks, or the self tan that gives us that non-orange glow (does it even exist??!) and through this “Top 5” series, I hope that we will all be recommended products that work for us.

I will be asking fellow bloggers/tweeters to let me know there top five beauty products, especially asking them to let us in on those not-so-well-known one’s that we all want to hear about. This can be anything from make-up, bath products, nail products, skin products, hair products and perfumes – anything that makes you feel good really.

I am also really interested to hear from my readers what you love, so if you are keen for me to do a post on your favourites, then please e-mail me be by clicking on the “contact” tab and I will be really excited to get you involved – the more recommendations the better – so please feel free!

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  1. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    Agreed – feel free to send me your top 5 please Tania, as well as a photo of the products (you can take this on your phone if you want. have a good day x


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