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This Saturday I paid a visit to Urban Apothecary. It was one of those appointments that couldn’t have come sooner – a pedicure (my toes were in a state) and eyebrow threading (these were in a state like no other!) 

I am a bit of an eyebrow fanatic – I hate other people shaping mine as I fear I may appear with pathetically thin re-shaped, disastrous brows, and that mine will never grow back. I never want to be one of those ladies that draws theirs on, I once had a teacher who did this, I swore to never do the same! 

Saturday was my first time trying threading out – I had been warned of the pain. Zakirah was my therapist, and a genius ‘threader’ I might add. It took only a few minutes, and although it was slightly painful (hair is getting yanked out after-all) the result was amazing. I’m converted.I can’t believe how defined my brows look!

The pedicure was amazing, a proper scrub and a deep massage – what more can you ask for? The colour I went for was a grey and was painted on perfectly by my therapist, Tania. I was super impressed! My toes look lovely:)

The salon is conveniently located in Wembley Square and makes the perfect chill spot while sipping on your daily Vida. Charlie, the owner, is awesome – believe me, you will want to return for the chat! Her warm personality makes Urban Apothecary so inviting, making it even harder to leave!

I will be back, no doubt about it!

Tel: 021 465 5999

Website: herefor price list and details

Follow Charlie on Twitter: @urbanapothecary

Threading: Zakirah (the queen of threading) is at the salon on Tuesdays, Thursdays and alternative Fridays and Saturdays

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