Donna Karen Woman

I think I’ve found my new favourite fragrance (alongside Tom Ford Black Orchid). This stuff is unreal – possibly the sexiest fragrance yet.

The fragrance is built around the core of sandalwood and vetiver from Haiti, including notes of orange blossom amongst others so is essentially a male fragrance that is finished off with more floral notes to make it pretty. You have NO idea how sultry and beautiful the end product is. Definitely an evening scent but can obviously be worn in the day – probably the same kind of fragrance I would reach for on evening when it would usually be Tom Ford. 

The actual bottle was designed by architect, Zaha Hadid and I think it goes pretty well with the overall package – a lot more mature than other DNKY fragrances. I have to say that in general the scents that Donna Karen produces are some of my all time favourites. I got one in duty free in January on my way home and I just love it – so many memories. Do yourself a favour and try this one out, and guys – if you looking for that fragrance for her birthday/anniversary then this is it without a doubt. This can be found in Edgars stores. The SRP is R1,295 for 100ml Eau De Parfum & R950 for 50ml  Eau De Parfum

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  1. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    It really is incredible. Possibly the 'sexiest' (for lack of a better word) fragrance I've tried in a while 🙂


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