Maybelline Forever Strong nail polishes

I got a bunch of these Forever Strong polishes a few weeks back that are new to the brand. I didn’t think much of them at the time, but decided to give them a spin on a Sunday eve (while watching Idols, as one does), and actually really liked them. 

Of all the polishes I use and own, this round-tip brush was by far one of the easiest applicators I have come across. Shimmery/metallic polishes are not my personal preference so chose to try out the plainer colours and thought they went on really well. One of the things I battle with when painting my nails is creating round edges that mirror my cuticle line, and these brushes allow for that.

The Forever Strong Pro formula claims up to 7 days wear. Each polish needed three coats to become fully opaque, like I like them. They did look streaky on the first and second coat, but by the third it looked rather gorgeous and shiny! I had a look at some of the pastel colours in the range which I have my eye on – very pretty.

The actual colour didn’t last a full 7 days on me, but I do type ferociously and don’t own a dish washer, so thought that 5 days was pretty impressive.

In store now for R60 each.

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    Anonymous says:

    I bought some of these nail polishes after reading about them on your blog, and they are the best nail polishes i have ever tried. They last forever! I usually use Essie or OPI (which i also love), but this much more affordable range does a far better job. i eventually had to take it off because of the regrowth at the bottom of my nail, rather than the chips at the top, which is what usually happens. Love love love!!


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