Nail TLC

I had to get acrylic nails. Something I swore I would never do – but it was the best and easiest way to have great looking and long-lasting nails for my best friends wedding. They wore well, and despite all the manual labour, I still had beautiful nails on the day. (done by Dream Nails – Cavendish – R340) Happy days. This was until i got the acrylics removed. I look like I have a nail disease. I have never been so self-conscience of my nails – didn’t think that could happen! It’s thanks to my new nail colour from Essie (have resorted to 4 costs to hide my ridges) that my nails look healthier and feel much stronger. I a so relieved. Girls what ever you do – please don’t let acrylic near your nails!

I chose the beautiful Fondola Gondola from Essie

And again… Essie saves the day!

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