My Pinterest addiction

I have been addicted to Pinterest for a while now, but see the craze has suddenly set in and now am being over-taken with pins and boards – I need more time in my life! It is seriously addictive (for those who haven’t discovered it yet – you’ll see what I mean) so I try and avoid it when I am limited for time. Anyway, I am looking for new pinners to follow so leave me your link below so I can follow you.

You can follow me here.

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  1. Charlene
    Charlene says:

    I have 2 Pinterest accounts (That's how addicted I am!)

  2. South African Style Fyle
    South African Style Fyle says:

    Hi there come visit my online wardrobe, hairdresser and make up artist all the things we wish for

  3. Bianca Delides
    Bianca Delides says:

    Wow! You do have quite a few boards 🙂 Following you now. I am just starting and you're right, it's ridiculously addictive! Love it.

  4. Le'Chelle
    Le'Chelle says:

    super addicted. It makes me want to get married, eat/cook & redecorate my home everyday.


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