St Tropez Intensifier

As you know, I have always been a huge fan of St Tropez products. In my mind they kind of own the fake tan market – they have been around forever and, as far as I’m concerned, give a faultless fake tan!

I got sent the Intensifier Self Tan a while back and have been loving using it. This product would be my perfect recommendation for those who are nervous about self tan as it is a tinted product (so you can see exactly where it is being applied) and it is gradual, so you won’t wake up looking Jerseylicious – whew!

Similar to all gradual tanning products, this product can be applied night after night until you reach your optimal tan, or (like me) you can simply use it once off and enjoy a very slight sun-kissed looking skin. It is winter after all!

I prefer the natural look and using this simply enhanced what remained of my summer tan (‘tan’ is being generous, but anyhoo) which was all I was looking for. Another benefit is it smells heavenly – absolutely no hint of smelly self tan at all.

This product is a generous size and well worth every penny. Available at online here.

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