Introducing Manx – a beautiful salon that offer QMS

For any loyal Kiss, Blush and Tell readers me talking about QMS is no surprise – it’s a brand I have used for a few years and been waiting patiently for the news to spread and for skin fanatics and spa’s to catch on to how incredible this product really is. The good news is the news is spreading and it’s spreading pretty fast.

Last week alone I got three different e-mails from readers letting me know that they have bought the range and are addicted. It is certainly an expensive initial investment for your skin, but well worth it when you see the results and you see how well it lasts (making it that much more affordable).

I went for my monthly facial not so long ago for a little kick-start to my skin and I can honestly tell you that there are very few other facial treatments that actually repair and treat the skin on a level that lasts and activates change in the skin.

Much to my excitement I also had a treatment at a new salon that is now offering QMS (and QMS exclusively, as that is how much she swears by the range). The salon is called Manx and is owned by Charlene Schumacher who really could not e more gentle and lovely – exactly the sort of person I personally like visiting for my treatments! She advertises Manx as being Discreet, Personal and Professional and I really think that sums of the salon pretty well!

She lives in a beautiful home in Green Point where there is always parking and her prices for treatments are really affordable (considering she is using one of the most advanced skincare lines! The facial start at R400 top R700 – amazing hey!? You can have a look at what else is on offer, or get hold of Charlene via the Manx website. You can also pick up your retail products at the salon too, which is handy for all of those living in and around this area. The atmosphere is so incredibly relaxing and personal which, in my opinion, is exactly what anyone would wish for – especially when it comes to results driven facials. Charlene would easily be able to get to know your skin and its needs and together the progress could be tracked – allowing you to measure results which is what we all want!

Manx details:

25 Cavalcade Road, Green Point

Tel: 082 312 6746


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  1. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    Hi Nadine, A nice way to get an understanding as to what you should be using is to book a facial. Then you can also get a good understanding exactly how to use them at home 🙂


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