Pet Peeves #2

I know this shouldn’t become a regular thing, but I fear it might. I did my first Pet Peeves post here, and it made me feel so much better because 1) I could laugh at that days annoyances, and 2)(more than anything) your responses about what annoys you made me laugh so hard.

A little vent goes a long way, as anyone who knows me will know 🙂 So whenever I feel the need, I will be sharing random little things that have slightly annoyed me, as silly as they are! Try it, I promise it will make you feel better 🙂


  • The smell of cigarette smoke in the morning
  • Stingy people, like the ones who would take their quarter-full bottle of coke home after a bring ‘n braai
  • BBM updates all-day-long (get Twitter puhlease)
  • Bone idle people (this was on my first list and has to appear again, that’s how much I cant stand it!)
  • Kitten heels
  • Flimsy lettuce and fluffy tomatoes
  • Mettalic-y/shimmery nail polishes (Grannies wear that)
  • Camel-toe (sorry, but wearing leggings as pants will result in this)
  • Mutton dressed as lamb (went via Caprice last night, need I say more)
  • Wannabe hipsters(oxymoron much?)

And now it’s your turn… 

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  1. Philli
    Philli says:

    People who tweet-converse with their boyfriend/girlfriends You are dating, use a phone if you feel the need to chat, no one gives a damn how cute or special or wonderful etc your other half is. Argh!!!! Kills me.

  2. bianca
    bianca says:

    definitely with you on the facebook love! if you're sitting next to each other – USE WORDS! facebooking each other whilst in the same room is just pathetic me thinks!

    oh oh oh! people cheweing gum with their mouth open! arg!

    and standing so close to you in a check out line that you can feel them breathing on you…

    and takkies (like the ones you wear to gym) with jeans

    and tardiness…

    k i'm done 🙂

  3. Andrea
    Andrea says:

    One, amongst many, of my pet peeves…

    People who still try to do the "Dear Xxxx, xxxxxx xxxx xxxx, Sincerely Xxxx" thing (as in "dear universe" "dear mark zuckerberg" "dear weather" etc) when ranting or trying to make a point and trying to be funny at the same time (operative word: TRYING)

    It's SO OVERDONE and is now achingly pathetic, IT WAS ONLY FUNNY ONCE people!

  4. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    oo I agree on the kitten heels, absolutely horrendous.
    I also dislike people who are constantly "bbm-ing"
    "text lingo"

  5. suganon
    suganon says:

    I know it's late but Ive been holding these in for two weeks! LOVING the kitten heels one! Yoh They make me physically angry, like I want to attack the person and attempt to snap off the tiny heel so thy can just wear pumps or sandles!

    Nailpolish on skin around nails, if u can't paint them properly get someone else to!

    Pouting in EVERY photo of someone! Why r u doing this? Just smile or something!

    Matching vests at events "EARTHDANCE 2011" on front and some lame friggen nickname on back like " booze banger" topped off with neon spraypaint everywhere (this also makes me physiCally angry! )

    I'm stopping at 3 🙂 haha after a crazy busy Monday this is a great mood elevator! Thanks tori!!!!

  6. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    Shannon – you make me laugh so much – hate those kind of home-made vests, I've been forced to wear one once in my Stellenbosch days and never again! O and agree 100% with you Ashleigh. Revolting!!

  7. Kirsty
    Kirsty says:

    The left-over Coke bottle saga? My worst! One New Year's we had a bring and braai, each person brought something to share. A friend brought ice-cream for dessert (after moaning that she had to bring anything), gave her boyfriend a huge bowl and the rest of us two spoonfuls, and took the rest home!

    Oooo, and another friend who comes over with a third of a bottle of wine, then opens your wine and proceeds to finish the entire bottle! Every. Single. Time. My heart is beating faster just thinking about this. Argh!

    I'll stop now, but finally – posting seriously personal stuff on Facebook, like how your ex-boyfriend is an ass and wants custody of your child etc etc. And then the people who comment on that comment! Attention-seekers much?

    Ok I'm done. That felt great!

  8. Taryn
    Taryn says:

    I only have one, and it's more of a pet peeve about Cape Tonian drivers specifically than a general statement but why do they think the fast lane is actually the slow lane? And why don't they move over when they're driving at less than the speed limit while in it?! I actually could write an essay about CT drivers but i'll keep it to the one for now 😉

  9. LeChelle
    LeChelle says:

    Oh two things that might/definitely will make me point and laugh at the idiot doing it – people who's toes go over the front of their shoes, seriously its not like they cant feel it, pull them back.

    Oh and girls wearing t-shirts with 'GUESS' printed on the front over the bust with like diamante's or anything close to that.

    And to top that off women in their late twenties who whole heartedly STILL supporting the barely-covering-my-ass jeans, a think belt with studs, a 'GUESS' t-shirt complete with a little more skin than anyone would like to see, peaking out at the bottom and ofcourse the tiny little bag tucked under the arm.

    We all understand this was 'the style' (as ive heard so many times) when they were in high school, but honestly times have changed.

    I love this idea 🙂

  10. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    @laChelle – yours just made me smile so much because I feel just the same, mutton dressed as lamb. Guess clothing should be banned, and creepy toes sliding over the edge is the epitome of revolting


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