Blemish Prevention UV Cream SPF15 from Ponds

With dark spots/pigmentation being  a real problem, especially living in South Africa, and something that all of us should be aware of, I am excited to be introducing yet another product to the already genius Flawless Radiance range from Ponds- what a treat!

The range focuses on achieving an even skin tone and all-together flawless skin (we all want this). And for those who think they are safe – it is a fact that even perfect skin can conceal spots under the surface, however these will appear later on – when it is too late to do anything about it.  

POND’S flawless radiance Blemish Prevention UV Cream provides SPF15 and UVA four star protection against deep penetrating UVA and UVB rays, which is the main cause of dark spots/pigmentation. I often get asked to recommend a good moisturiser that has a SPF – and they are very few to choose from, so I was delighted to see Ponds launching this!

The Ponds’s flawless radiance Blemish Prevention UV Cream also contains an ingredient called VAO-B3, which not only prevents dark spots under the surface but also even-tones your skin, leaving it flawlessly radiant.

The product retails for R89.99 – perfect timing before that harsh summer sun comes out 🙂

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