Guerlain Limited Edition indulgence

Sometimes even I, as a trained make-up artist, am ridiculously clueless when it comes to innovative make-up brands, but nothing can get me more excited than new ideas. The perfect chance to experiment!

Guerlainis one of those brands I have only dreamt of using, until I was given a birthday present when I was 18, with a variety of their gorgeous bronzing products from my best friend for both the body and the face – I was sold (and spoilt). I used the product so sparingly to avoid it running out – I loved everything about the brand. It oozed luxury and quality.

This being said, you can only imagine the delight when these three products from Guerlainarrived a few weeks back. About the clueless part – this was because I thought they were all lip glosses 🙂. Until I quickly learnt that two were in fact eye shadows and the other, their latest summer range lip gloss. The products are all limited edition and the most gorgeous colours. Get your hands on them ASAP!

I have actually been using the eye shadows constantly, they are so easy to use and can double up as a lip colour (that’s according to me). I think they look awesome, with a slick of gloss on top.

The lip colour is just too beautiful and one I know I will not leave home without in summer, it will work wonders with a bronzed complexion – something I hope to have come summer. Not looking too good at the moment.

I have started testing out my Model Co. One Night Tan – maybe this will be my life saver?! What incredible colour and super easy :)But that’s a story for another day…

These products are available this month only from leading Edgars stores nationwide.

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