Narciso Rodriguez in color

One of my favourite brands and one that I know many of my readers are interested in hearing more about – Narcisco Rodriguez.

Today’s post is introducing his two latest fragrances – for her in color and essence in color — both limited edition and packaged in an eloquent fusion of fashion and fragrance.

“I love color when it’s pure; it can be subtle or it can be very strong but most of all I love it when it’s very pure. Pure color elicits profound emotions and memories and that’s what fragrance should be about.” the designer says. 

Narcisco Rodriguez

Rodriguez’s idea is that a single drop of pure color enriches and enlivens modern classic fragrances. A drop of fuchsia transforms his original eau de parfum with intense mystery and passion while a drop of purple enhances essence eau de parfum with a rare luminosity.

for her in color

for her in color:  a powerfully enveloping and deeply sensual fragrance, a trail of mystery and an aura of bewitching seduction.

essence in color:a bright powdery scent based on the purity of sunlight, the weightlessness of air and the innate dazzle of sensuality.  

essence in color

Her original fragrances ooze class and femininity, and that is only a taste of what we are in for – I am itching to get my hands on these!

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