I’m not the biggest chocolate guzzler. I prefer jelly sweets. Although the odd treat made by my best friend/chocolate chef, Anna, is always a treat, as well as a dessert here and there. I made these chocolate cupcakes the other day for a colleagues birthday and they were a hit. I will even say so myself, after smashing about 4 of them myself! I just did the normal cupcake recipe but put basically everything fattening and delicious into the icing. Try it. It will transform you cake – believe me:

  • 2 jars cream cheese
  • 6 tbsp cocoa (good quality)
  • 6 tbsp castor sugar
  • add a teensy bit of hot water to help it mix easily

Yes i know you probably think – well what cant taste good with that amount of fat – but its out of this world, plus it piles up well on the cupcake. Nota fan of flat, dreary looking cupcakes. A place where chocolate dessert takes on a whole new meaning. Well two places really. Is the amazing, homely, lovely, favourite, best Woodlands Eatery where they make this chocolate fondant. How is it even real that something tastes as good as this. Do it. As well as the lovely Charly’s Bakery of course. The chocolate got a bit much for me here, but I guess you can see why 🙂 their double chocolate cheesecake and signature Charly’s Chocolate Cake were gooooooood. Thought I’d end off on this note. An easter bunny in Pick n Pay V&A to celebtrate easter. Yes you heard me I said celebrate. I know.

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  1. LivLoo
    LivLoo says:

    yummiest cupcakes OF ALL TIME. no one can make them like you! You just let me know when to swing by when you're making them again xxx


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