La Perla, Sea Point

La Perla has been around for ages, and seems to have stood the test of time. A place that people seem to be incredible loyal to, and for such an old-fashioned-in-a-way Italian Restaurant it attracts a very cool Cape Town crowd. I’ve always though of La Perla as a seafood restaurant but thats just what I am drawn to, they do cover pasta’s that sound incredible – butternut, pine nut and sage ravioli to name a few, but at R120 for a pasta, I’d rather get visssss. A big fan.

The waiters all kind of look like part of the woodwork – they were all the most gracious indian men, with the average age being around 70+ (I exaggerated… but you know what I mean). I always prefer waiters like that, not the old part but restaurants that don’t change their waiters weekly, it gives the restaurant a homely feeling and goes a long way when the waiter is so confident in every dish and can rattle off every wine on their wine list.

We opted for the Beef carpaccio with sun-dried tomatoe, fresh tomatoe and herbs (and side chips, what a meat without chips!) and the grilled calamari with rocket and sun-dried tomatoe salad. Both were delicious and dishes I would return for. Good on you La Perla, great evening!

(excuse the internet pics but left both my blackberry and camera at home!!)

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