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Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse: This is one of those products that I saw as a gimmick, one that is that extra ‘add-on’ that is completely unnecessary – and this could still possibly be the case. But I am an easy sell if ever there was one, and I love it. It’s an oil-like liquid that you squeeze onto a cotton round, similar to the way one would use toner. You should do it prior to cleansing, hence the name ‘pre’, and it literally takes away any excess make-up (great for around the eyes) and leaves the skin feeling squeaky clean. Now who doesn’t want that?! L’Oreal Absolute Repair Leave-In Treatment: This is the most amazing treatment! Definitely one I will continue to buy over and over again. I have long hair and I do very little with it other than letting it dry naturally. I like it to obviously look healthy, not have fly-away bits and have that light curl. I have been using 2 pumps after washing my hair and leaving it just like that. It smells amazing and is light enough to make your hair not look greasy! On top of all of this it is also a treatment, so does wonders for your scalp as well as those split ends. It often seems to be sold out at salons, so maybe I’m late to discovering this product, however do yourself a favour and get one if you are in the same boat as me!

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