Reason to Celebrate


My dinner party last night was amazing. Everyone seemed to enjoy the food (I will elaborate on this in the next post), and we had every reason to be drinking way to much champagne – two of the couples are recently engaged and my dear friend Nicola is back home to LondonL(not so celebratory but reason to have a memorable night. Although the highlight was Stacey (my overly dramatic/hilarious/slightly mad/incredibly special friend from Zim) asking Anna and myself to be bridesmaids at her wedding. Us three are boarding school friends who have stayed as close since then. I cannot explain how excited I am!

Weekend plans include early nights, walk/run on the promenade with Anna and Stace and my early Valentine ’s Day lunch at beautiful Delaire in Stellenbosch( Bliss

O and check out my interview with the lovely Kerryn on Gypsy Star!

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