Davines launch a Dry Shampoo / Hair Refresher

You all know how I love my Batiste dry shampoo. I have used it for years and spoken about it on numerous occasions (see posts hereand here). So to clear it up before we get into this post, I will continue to use Batiste as it does the job really well and I definitely think it has its place as a dry shampoo, but this Hair Refresher from Davines takes dry shampoo to a whole new level!

This, in my mind, can’t really be classified as a dry shampoo alone as it just does that much more to your hair. The real difference with this product was that it was very light-weight on my hair so not only did it solve the greasy hair issue, but it added a really newly-washed, fresh hair element that no other dry shampoo has given me before.

The product is said to be very gentle on the scalp and even though there is still some white residue, it’s not as noticeable as other dry shampoos, and this is coming from a very dark brunette! Its gentle formula is made from rice starch, lemongrass oil and extracts of Lemon and Yuzu so you can imagine the fresh, pretty smell which is very unobtrusive, just how it should be. I think the Batiste flavoured products are way to fragranced, especially if you planning on wearing your usual perfume on top of this. I only ever go for the original scent and this is a pretty safe bet.

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The product also has a shine-inducing ingredient called Phenyl Trimethicon which is ever-so-subtle but I do think it makes that slight difference as Batiste often leaves my hair looking and feeling really dry, whereas this doesn’t at all. Lastly, and obviously (with all Davines products), the packaging is so beautiful in a white, matte spray bottle with a black cap and stylish black typography on the bottle.

There is a big price difference though so I will leave it up to you to decide which factors are important to you and if it is worth spending R260 (150ml). For stockists check out your closest Carlton hair salon (details here – under ‘description’). On a side note: I am DYING to try this Dry Texturising Spray from Oribe as I have heard it really is the best. I plan on getting my hands on it soon, even though the price tag is making me feel slightly queasy at R689.00 – actually just typing that sounds ridiculous. Maybe I will go for the travel size!

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  1. Jules
    Jules says:

    I have just ordered the Charles Worthington Volume and Bounce Texturising Spray from Boots (currently 2 for £8, just saying) which is a fraction of the price of the Oribe but apparently just as good. Fingers crossed! xx

  2. Luzanne (Pink Peonies)
    Luzanne (Pink Peonies) says:

    Love the packaging of the dry shampoo, it looks so special! I am a lover of typography, so this is right up my alley… 🙂

    I love the idea of the shine-inducing ingredient, that is one thing I wish other dry shampoos had.

    *gulp* R 11 shy of R 700 is uhm…pricey. It does sound VERY interesting though…


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