My Make-Up Essentials

We all have those few items that help transform our look somewhat. Those products you constantly reach for, and the few that you would secretly sneak into your bag for that au-natural camping holiday.

I started using Mac’s Face and Body when I was in London because I wanted something lighter that made my skin look radiant and fresh, rather than thick and concealed. Never ever been a fan of people who load on the base – trying to hide their freckles and pimples! This product helps me look a tad bronzed(always been a fan of this…) and keeps my skin looking very fresh. Its not for everyone though, the texture is very runny and ‘weird’ (doesn’t glide on well) and it does not conceal a thing – in my mind that is what concealer is for. (R380, Mac)

Laura Mercier’s bronzing palette has also been a favourite for a while, giving natural colour and glow to the face . With it being a duo you can intensify the look according to day and night – bonus! (£38 – Selfridges, London)

I think every girl is always on the search for that perfect mascara and it definitely is a ‘personal th

ing’, but Estee Lauders Sumptuous does it for me, only negative is that it costs about R240 and seems to do a great job for about 3 months and then its effects kind of slump. Keen to try Dior’s Iconic mascara, heard great things. (R280 Edgars)

Finally my ever trusted Mac lipstick – I have only ever loved one colour of there’s – it suits my skin perfectly and can be worn day and night. I must have gone through about 12 of these to date. its one of those products that if it were to ever be discontinued I would stock up for life! It is in their Amplified range and is incredibly creamy in texture – doesn’t stay on too well, but I’m quite religious about applying lip products so not such a problem.

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