Neydharting Moor Night Cream {Face + Neck}

Ah I just love everything that this range produces and this night cream is no different. I have spoken about Neydharting Moor a few times on Kiss, Blush and Tell as I really have seen great results with the range. I was pleased to receive their latest addition; a night cream for the neck and face area. The cream is said to be a rich, ultra-hydrating and powerful antioxidant night cream infused with the remarkable power of Neydharting Peat and Peat Water and bioactive Super-27 anti-aging complex.”

I have actually been using minimal product each eve as my skin sometimes does get a of beauty product overload as I am trialling stuff all the time. I started using this three weeks ago and have love what it does to my skin. So many night creams feel too heavy and almost suffocate my skin whereas the Regenerating Night Cream from Neydharting Moor really nourishes the skin without feeling too heavy. It makes the skin feel super-smooth and I woke up each morning with plumped out lines. I didn’t only feel the effects once the product was on my skin but felt them when getting out the shower each morning; my skin was well hydrated and supple rather than tight and parched.  I also like the fact that the cream addressed the neck too – I personally always treat my neck as I do my face (you should all be doing this unless you a fan of the fab turkey neck). RRP R980 for 50g – available online and at selected spas in Cape Town and Johannesburg, the Regenerating Night Cream. Ladies, do yourself a favour and put it on your Christmas list now. The pair of shoes you lusting after are not going to make you look any younger…

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