DKNY and Keith Haring Limited Edition EDT’s

Brand new from DKNY are these super-cool three limited edition versions of the Be Delicious fragrance family. The range is a collaboration between DKNY and street artist, Keith Haring. Keith Haring began to draw in white chalk over the black paper used to cover vacant advertising panels throughout Subway stops in NYC.

As some might expect, these fragrances are not the original Be Delicious re-packaged (yay) but rather new editions of the original, giving it some flare and excitement, plus also a cleaner and more mature scent, I think. This really appealed to me about it, plus this packaging is just too cool!

There are three different editions; Fresh Blossom Art, Be Delicious Art and Golden Delicious Art:

Fresh Blossom Art:

This one is definitely the girlie one of the lot and a great gift for most girls, I’d say. You will smell hints of grapefruit in this one as well as Cassis, Freesia, Magnolia, Rose, Musk, Sandalwood and Cedarwood. You can imagine the edge that this gives the fragrance. For me, this would be a lovely day scent, and certainly for that girl who likes a scent that can really be smelt, rather than that understated sultry scent.

Be Delicious Art:

This is the original as we know it and the one that I would say is the closest to the original. It has notes of Litchi and Blackcurrant in there as well as some Mimosa, Rose, Musk and Cedarwood. For those collectors out there (I know there are loads of you) this is definitely one that you need to get your hands on, however, for those who are not Be Delicious fans this might be too similar to the original for you.

Be Delicious Golden:

I love this gold bottle. It definitely was the one that stuck out to me the most! This kind of sits between the Fresh Blossom Art and the Be Delicious Art in the sense that it is not too floral and still pretty sexy – probably my favourite one. The top notes here include Bergamot, Mango and Raspberry then moving onto Orange Flowers Petals, Muguet and Gardenia and finishing off with Apple Blossom, Sandlawood and Amber. This is the only one of thre three that I would classify as a sexy evening scent which is always up my alley, I like something more sultry and this ticks all those boxes for me. Love it!

Exclusive to Red Square and Edgars at R650 for 50ml. Available from this month (June)

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