Finding the perfect foundation is almost as tough as finding the perfect pair of jeans. There are so many different boxes that need to be ticked; from the texture and finish to the coverage and shade match. Shade match probably being the most under-rated one!

Below are 6 foundations that have been in my routine for a good while; some a few months and some a couple of years! I often get questions about foundation, so thought I would do this post as what one person looks for in a foundation, differs greatly from the next. These all vary quite a bit, so I hope you can find one here that sounds like something that will work for you. My tip is that you should never be shy to ask for a sample or to not buy on the spot. I usually get matched in store, take a sample home or at least leave the foundation on all-day so I can get an accurate idea of how it lasts and what it looks like it day-light. LANCOME TEINT IDOLE ULTRA WEAR I wanted to speak to this one first as it is the one that has been in my make up collection for the longest and the one I end up recommending most frequently to you guys. It’s absolutely gorgeous! The coverage is medium to full, yet still leaves a lovely glow on the skin. It also hangs around ALL day, so the perfect choice for an all-day event like a wedding. One layer is what I opt for, however, it is very build-able, so if you want more coverage then you won’t have any issues. Shade range wise, you will be spoilt for choice as it comes in 40 shades (!!!). The foundation also has an ingredients to absorb excess oil so you don’t look like an oil-slick come midday as well as technology that prevents oxidization, so no Oros-man face either. Win! Price: R550 My shade: 025

BOBBI BROWN SKIN LONG-WEAR WEIGHTLESS FOUNDATION I have spoken to this a lot on my stories. This formula from Bobbi is aimed more at an oilier skin type, however, I adore it (as a dry-skinned gal). Bobbi do a fab shade-match for me, so this helps matters, but this still leaves my skin looking like skin and conceals a good amount without being a too heavy. Bobbi really do do some of my best foundations, so have a look at this one or their stick foundation if you are unsure where to start. There are 30 shades to choose from and Bobbi are great at offering shade matching at counters. Price: R635 My shade: Warm Beige LA MER THE SOFT FLUID LONG-WEAR FOUNDATION Sure, this is as fancy as you get when it comes to foundations and, sadly, I’m not here to tell you it doesn’t live up to its claims. The reason for the steep price tag is that this, like any other La Mer product, contains the brands iconic ‘Miracle Broth’, so it’s got your skincare benefits that the rest of the range carries included in your foundation. It truly goes onto the skin like silk, never leaving you looking cakey. It keeps me looking flawless all day and it is one of those products that, when I do wear it, I look at my skin at the end of the day and see a notable difference. There have been a handful of readers who have already bought this and they have all been very happy. Price: R1720 My shade: Linen (13) BENEFIT HELLO HAPPY FOUNDATION This is a newer addition to my collection but I have pretty much not stopped recommending it to you guys since I used it in my Insta-Live Get Ready With Me. Think glowey, fresh, dewy skin with a light to medium coverage. It’s a water-based foundation, so a very liquid formula that requires a good shake before application. It’s absolutely beautiful and a great choice for those who want a lighter foundation that instantly makes you look like you’ve had a relaxing holiday and reversed your age by a good 5 years. YES PLEASE. There are only 12 shades here. but they range pretty well across light to dark. Price: R426 My shade: Number 3

SMASHBOX STUDIO SKIN 15 HR WEAR HYDRATING FOUNDATION This is my second bottle of this foundation and, again, one that I recommend frequently. It’s a light-medium coverage and has lovely hydrating benefits to the skin, as a bonus. The best description as to why I love this foundation would be that it’s my go-to option to pack for a holiday. Reason being that it is lovely for day-time wear when I want a light coverage, but lasts beautifully and can keep me looking fresh into the night, or be built up for a little more coverage should I need it. It is a beautiful formula and also a fab shade match for me! There are 35 to choose from. Price: R495 My shade: 2.12 LANCOME SKIN FEELS GOOD I wanted to included a very light coverage option here too. This is a newbie from Lancome, and I really like it. It’s termed a ‘Hydrating Skin Tint Healthy Glow’, so you can imagine how keen I was to get testing this. It leaves the skin feeling juicy and evens out the skin tone. This is not going to be the one for you if you like more coverage, but I choose this for day-to-day wear and pop some concealer on where I need it (these dark circles need a tad more help sadly). It’s less coverage than other tinted moisturisers I own, so be warned that this is a tint. Quite literally. It’s for your good skin days 🙂 You will also get your benefits of anti-oxidants as well as hydrating hyaluronic acid. I think this is a great option for Mums on-the-go as two pumps in the palm of your hand makes for a very quick and easy application. Shade range is small at 8 options. Price: R495 My shade: Blonde

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  1. Nicole_TheLittleGuru
    Nicole_TheLittleGuru says:

    Recently purchased the Benefit Hello Happy and I am in love! Such a great light weight foundation for those who arent so keen on heavy foundations!

  2. Unknown
    Unknown says:

    I have tried all of the above, except the new Lancome and Smashbox. I agree with all your other recommendations. You should try the Guerlain Parpure gold (dark blue bottle). It is expensive, but beautiful.

  3. TheNotSoGirlyGirl
    TheNotSoGirlyGirl says:

    the bobbi brown one is awesome but actually I'm currently using the 'Happy Foundation' from benefit and I absolutely love it! it's really great. The shades matches my skin perfectly and it looks super natural!

    awesome blog girl! I'm following! And I would love if you could follow me too =)

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