My journey so far with Dove Intensive Repair Hair products

This is post is not a full review yet of the Dove Hair care range as I don’t feel I have been trialling them long enough to give you a full review, however, I really wanted to share my thoughts thus far as I am rather taken with the range.

I have been using the Intensive Repair shampoo and conditioner from Dove for 2 weeks now and cannot believe how much I am enjoying them. I have only ever used premium hair care products such as Pureology, Kerestase, Redken and Davines – so using the Dove hair care range was a change for me, but something I was keen to try as it’s often quite hard justifying R700 on a shampoo and conditioner and I know there are loads of girls out there who would never consider this (rightly so) – so this was a chance for me to try something more affordable.

The main issue is that I am rather fanatical when it comes to results and I won’t compromise on this, hence why I have always been able to justify expensive hair products, however, so far Dove is seriously giving me every reason to question my extravagant spending. The shampoo is R52.99 and the conditioner is R52.99!

The sizes are huge (definitely too big to travel with) but very generous and will last you ages. My hair has been left feeling light (not weighed down like I usually feel with high street products). The conditioner is particular amazing – it gets rid of any knots and leaves my hair fly-away free and hydrated. It also smells lovely and fresh – but not too perfumed like Pantene or Organics (which has always bothered me and reminds me of our boarding school bathrooms – eww).

I still have to start trialling the Intensive Repair Daily Treatment Conditioner and the Intensive Repair Treatment Mask which everyone has been raving about, so a full review will go up later on (and a giveway!). I will be sure to keep you posted but so far, so good!

Check out the Dove website for further product info or ‘like’ their Facebook page here. You can also read more rave reviews on MakeUp Alley.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    The treatment is absolutely INCREDIBLE.. My hairdresser is very fussy about the products I use (especiallly as I have highlighted hair) and has no hassle giving me a talking to if my hair has shown that I've cheated and used a cheaper product. She thought I'd gone and bought another Goldwell mask, my hair was in such fantastic condition! I also use it when I leave my hair natural and wavy and just don't rinse it out as completely as I usually would.. my hair curls beautifully and is soft and frizz free, yet not heavy and product-laden!

    Siobhan Hughes

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I bought the shampoo and conditioner recently after hearing that you were so impressed with them. I have only had one wash so far and was happy with the outcome (as much as one can be after one wash), but, and this will sound strange, the smell that lingered reminded me of pet shampoo. Whilst Aussie's bubblegum smell startled me at first, I got used to it. This though may be a bit too much of a stretch for me!

  3. Heather Nixon
    Heather Nixon says:

    I have been using the dove intensive treatment conditioner for ages and I love it 🙂

  4. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    This seriously surprises me to hear as to me the smell is so extremely mild compared to any other products. I particularly couldn't stand the Aussie products smell – this to me smells fresh and how hair should smell 🙂

  5. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I have certainly gotten used to the smell and it doesn't bother me anymore. After a week's use I have noticeably less hairfall and my hair just feels so happy – the results have definitely won me over.


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