Some new luxury favourites

This will be a quick one, but I wanted to speak to these three products as I’ve really been loving them. A lot.

They are all new to my routine; one fragrance, one make up and one skincare. Perfect balance hey!


I wanted to tell you about this scent as, my word, I honestly haven’t felt this way about a fragrance in a while. This isn’t a new scent to Sisley, in fact it’s been around for quite some time, but it’s new to me and I’ve never been more chuffed to own it. It’s that fragrance I save for special occasions. As the name suggests, it’s spicy and oriental and basically smells like that rich aunt you’ve always wanted to smell like! It’s utterly gorgeous. This is a variation of their scent, Eau du Soir which I love too, however, this version just ticks all the boxes for me: it’s woody, sensual, floral with a touch of spice and sophisticated. It’s strange, as pretty much every time I wear this scent I get asked questions about it, but when friends sniff it directly out of the bottle they aren’t blown away. I guess this is because it’s potent and 2 sprays is all you need – plus is hands around all day. Please do me a favour and go to the counter and spritz this on, by the end of your shopping spree you will be returning to pick a bottle up for yourself! 30ml – R1670.00, 50ml – R2340.00 and 100ml – R3415.00.

Estee Lauder – Paint-On Liquid LipColor by Violette

This is THE ultimate red and such a phenomenal formula. If you are a red lip kinda gal, then truly look no further. The applicator makes it super easy to apply and it stays put without making the lips feel parched. Naturally a matte liquid lip is going to be more drying that a hydrating balm, so I tend to use a simple lip balm before application. Either way, it really is a beautiful colour. Possibly the best red I have ever owned. So much so, that I actually threw out so many of my red lipsticks when I got this one, as I know this will be what I reach for whenever I want a bold lip. Buy online here(it’s only in the Menlyn stand-alone store).

Sunday Riley Luna Oil

I have used this for a few weeks, so not that long, but I still wanted to mention it as so far, so darn good. It’s also something different; a night-time retinol oil. Not something I’ve tried before. Sure, I’ve been using some super active retinol’s of late (Dermaceutic 1% and ZO Skinhealth 1,7% – both of which I adore!!!), however, with all the peels I have been doing, I have given my strong retinoids a break and that is where this products comes into play. It’s a much more gentle option (thanks to the carrier oils that tone this one down a lot). As my ‘normal day’ routine, I would still opt for my stronger retinols (as we all know I like to go hardcore with my skin), but for the in-between times, this gentler alternative is working well. It’s not available in SA, however, with online shopping and all that is available to us, there are means and ways! I got mine off Sephora US site which a friend bought home for me. Here is the link (it’s not cheap, you’ve been warned).

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