Ever-lasting nail polishes

I am overly OCD about a few pathetically insignificant things – and my nail polish is one of them. A nail polish can be ruined completely by one person using it and not knowing the basic principles of looking after nail varnish – and yes, there are ‘basic principles’.

I thought I’d share my tips with you as I often get asked by friends or readers which nail polish brand lasts the longest, which is not the deciphering factor at all – it is all about how you clean and store it.

Using a nail polish and getting the varnish in the lid/around the bottle will result in it not being perfectly air-tight thus becoming thick and glupey very quickly. Every time I finish with my nail polishes I clean the bottle with nail polish remover – thus it always looks as good as new. I have had some polishes for a good 4 years and they are still perfect to use.

I store my polishes in two big jars in my bathroom. Some say the fridge is a good idea, but I’m not keen on the idea, and find that a cool bathroom (out of the sun) is perfect storage space.

Hope that helps! 

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