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Hi guys Happy new year! I am so sorry I have been so quiet and I know a lot of you know the reason for this, given I have been speaking about it when and where I can on my Instagram account, but I have been properly out of action on the blog, so wanted to fill you in here too 🙂

I am in the midst of moving cities, leaving my long-term job, packing up my long-term home (see pics in this post) and saying all my goodbyes (all of which are not for the faint hearted). I explained over herethat I am moving to Joburg which, yes, is not that far but, to be honest, a move is a move. It’s still an unfamiliar place and packing up your life, whether it be to JHB or to London, is still quite something. Honestly, the things you have to consider and do are ENDLESS. I feel like I need a holiday once all of this is done.

I should have probably been more organized and planned blog content and Instagram content, but I prefer posting real-time. Maybe that’s all just an excuse to make myself feel better for not being more on the ball, but anyhoo 🙂 Either way, the exciting news is I leave in 3 days and once I’ve settled and unpacked, life will very much be back to normal and you will be seeing so much more stuff on here. I have so many ideas and cannot wait to get going – think loads more Instagram content based on requests, some really cool blog content around Beauty and so much more…

Until then, that’s what I will be doing. Marc and I have found a place which is very exciting, but we are pretty much camping in there until our furniture arrives from Cape Town – so GLAM! Honestly, we have a bed, a fridge, some bath towels and that’s it. At least I will be able to shower and bath properly I guess…

 Thanks for your patience and understanding. Promise I will be back soon and here to stay. Thanks to all of you for your lovely messages and to my Joburg readers; you guys have been so warm and welcoming (and super helpful) – it means the world xxx

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  1. Linda Thomas
    Linda Thomas says:

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