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I am a tad pedantic when it comes to my nails. I always have been and it is something I do splurge on. I have my manicure and pedicure booked religiously every second week and I always get Shellac on hands and toes. Yes, I know it’s not the best for my nails but they look flawless and my nails are pretty strong and hardy.

Anyway, my nail technician has been telling me to take a break to give my nails a chance to breathe for a while now and on Friday I decided it was a good time to do that (for a little while). I wanted to nourish my nails and hydrate my cuticle area as much as possible and get my nails back to tip top condition. Cue the Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System which was the perfect tool to aid me in my DIY home mani’s.

You may know the Velvet Smooth Foot File; well this is the nail version of that. It’s a 3-step tool that preps your nails really easily and efficiently. You simply clip on the little head (labelled 1, 2 and 3) and switch on the tool which oscillates at two different speeds:

Step 1:

 File – I prefer cutting my nails with clippers and then using the filing head to create my desired shape. I always keep my shape the same which is square with round edges (and short). I can’t handle long nails.

Step 2:

Buff – This head has a round head which makes it super easy to buff the entire nail plate and it works really well. I also found it good for pushing back cuticles. I did have a few ridges in my nails thanks to Shellac and this smoothed them out really well, without being too harsh.

Step 3:

Polish & Shine – my last step was to shine the nails which makes them look prepped and well-manicured without any polish. I then followed up with the Scholl cuticle oil which smells like HEAVEN (R139.99)!

My entire mani (including a layer of neutral polish) took me around 20 minutes. It was so quick and really did make my nails look a lot healthier than they had before.

You can pick up your own Scholl Nail Care System from Clicks, Dischem, PnP and Takealot (it’s R420 on their site at the mo) for R489.99. Their refill heads are R115.

*Sponsored – This post was done in collaboration with Scholl

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