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Charlotte Rhys is a local beauty brand that I’ve never really known all that well. That was until my friends gifted me with one of their candles last year – it was the No. 17 scent and I completely fell in love. I am such a sucker for a luxury scented candle, but this is always something I have thought I couldn’t get locally. I was wrong. This candle got me totally intrigued by the brand as, for one, the scent is INSANE and the packaging is so slick and expensive feeling and looking. It makes the perfect gift and you can tell they haven’t skimped on packaging or ingredients! I love this candle so much that I have since bought two more (one is a Mother’s Day gift) – they costs R341.

Following this, my next purchase from Charlotte Rhys was their Spring Flowers Scrub. I actually initially tried this at my boyfriends beach house as someone had left it in the bathroom (whoops) and really loved it – again, fab scent (nothing granny-like or too floral) and my skin was properly scrubbed and left with a light layer of oil to fix any dry skin (which I was in desperate need of). I headed straight to their V&A store that week and bought myself one – it cost R105 for a large tub – win! It was one of the few scrubs that I’ve enjoyed as I generally don’t like the feeling of a film left on my skin but this one is so light and really does work wonders for dehydrated skin – I know this will be a lifesaver this winter as I am super lazy when it comes to moisturising my bod on cold evenings! Since then, their PR’s were kind enough to gift me with two of their products: their No. 17 Liquid Soap – R100 (how did they know I loved this scent so much!) and the St Tomas Bath Oil (R177). I do love the simplicity of their packaging and their prices really are affordable. The products that I would not hesitate to recommend would be the candles, body scrubs and the hand soaps – the scents are really classy, never being synthetic or over-powering and a pretty safe bet for most people, so make a great gift. As mentioned, No. 17 is by far my best scent, closely followed by Spring Flowers. Be sure to check out their range – great Mother’s Day gift ideas and I know they also sell on Netflorist if you are wanting to do a flower and beauty product combo or look at these hamper options. You can find your local store here.

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