Gatineau Collagen Expert Range Launches in March

Ah, this is such a treat to be using Gatineau products again. When I initially trained as a beauty therapist this was the range that we were trained in and used throughout – I really did grow to love it. Some of my old favourites come from this brand like their cleansers, lip products and serums!

This is their latest launch which will be in stores in March. Gatineau, in my mind, really are leaders when it comes to anti-aging. Not so much young skins but they definitely work magic on older skins.

Why Collagen?

Collagen is a protein that occurs naturally in our skin.  It boosts connective tissues and reduces their stretch, wear and tear.  It is the essence of youth, and the progressive deterioration of collagen results in the signs of aging creeping in.  Fine lines, loss of radiance, a change in skin texture and tone are all signs that collagen levels are being depleted through the natural process of aging.  This can begin in your 20’s, which is why an early and effective anti-aging skincare routine is recommended.

Why the Gatineau Collagen Expert range?

The range has three different types of collagen; AteloCollagen, Soluble Collagen and ProCollagen, to boost the skin’s natural collagen levels, resulting in a smoother, more supple and radiant complexion.  Deep hydration through hyaluronic acid and marine elastin achieves a softer, plumped up skin.  The addition of basaline and silanol results in subtle skin restructuring and smoothing.  Skin aging is postponed, resulting in a radiant and youthful appearance.

My thoughts:

I tried two of the products from the range:

Gatineau Collagen Expert Ultimate Smoothing Cream – R695

If ever there was a moisturizer that felt like silk on your skin, this is it! The formula is a gel cream with very high levels on collagen and elastin and aims to reduce the appearance of fine lines though deep hydration.

Gatineau Collagen Expert Smoothing Eye Concentrate – R595

This is a very light serum which goes a long way. It has an immediate smoothing and lifting effect, reduces puffiness and evens out the tone of the skin. I have always had excess when using this which I have been putting around the lip/mouth area which is a handy tip if ever you have excess eye cream as this skin is similar to that of the eye area.

Available at Woolworths.

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