The BEST fake tan ever: Xen Tan

I am all about a fake tan at this time of year, it makes any summer outfit look that much better and, let’s be honest, a good tan never made anyone look unattractive. Unless, of course, it’s streaky and hideously orange (which is often the case with self tans).

I got two self-tans from Xen Tan a few weeks back which I was really excited to buy. I first tried this brand when I lived overseas and worked at Space NK. The store started stocking Xen Tan and when Space NK endorse a product you can pretty much be guaranteed it’s the best of the best, and this was certainly the case here.

I got the Dark Intense Self Tan and the Medium Luminous Gold Gel. It’s not often I get a product that I will continue to use for life. These two are some of those, and yes this is what one would deem to be a ‘rave review’. Quite literally!

If I had to choose I would say the Dark Intense was my favourite, but that’s because the colour was more intense. Having said that, I can’t forget about the Luminous Gold Gel because it also has its place for a more day-to-day tanner. I would use the Dark Intense for occasions like a wedding or a special night out, whereas the Medium Gel is great for that touch of super-natural colour that you could apply prior a beach holiday.

Why is it so great?

Well, simply because the colour is just beautiful. It’s a rich, bronze without a hint of orange (witch is what Xen Tan is all about – no orange!). Then it is also super easy and non-messy to apply, it doesn’t smell too bad (no pretty rose scents or anything, but fine for self-tan) and lastly, it doesn’t come off in patches that makes you look like you might have Impetigo (don’t Google that). It lasts a good week and then simply fades away – don’t ask me how but it does, but I’m not complaining.

On a side note: for those ladies like me who avoid applying self-tan to save their crisp white linen, do yourself a favour and buy some black full-length PJ’s. These then become your go-to self-tan PJ’s and prevent any dis-coloured sheets. The pair I use are a beautiful, light linen and work perfectly. 

Luminous Gold Gel – R380

Dark lotion Intense – R430

See stockists here

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  1. Luzanne (Pink Peonies)
    Luzanne (Pink Peonies) says:

    See…now I HAVE TO google Impetigo! Haha!

    Does it have a strong self-tan scent? And does the scent linger? I love using St. Moriz (not available in SA though) because the 'self-tan' scent only lasts for a day or so (it's gone after a shower).

    The Luminous Gold Gel sounds lovely! I must give these 2 a try!

  2. Mikayla*
    Mikayla* says:

    Sounds wonderful. I assume that there are lighter options if you are not into the dark intense one? I desperately need a tan, but hate the initial "i'm too pale to be wearing a dress, but it's too hot" summer scenario. Is the luminous gold gel sufficient to start off with? Thanks for the tip. I have never applied self tan before, so hope that I get it right!

  3. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    I have also used St Moritz, just find it a tad messy. The scent is very mild and for me it was gone after one shower, this is never the case with other self tans!

  4. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    Yes there are lighter options, have a look at the website that I linked in the post and you can see all their products. They are divine, I just chose the darker versions to suit my skin tone.

  5. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    I like Tropitone – great colour and very cheap but smells very strong. Garnier also have some lovely one's as well as St Tropez


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