NUXE products are now in Truworths stores

I just love NUXE, yet another French skincare brand getting things spot on. I love their natural, simplistic approach – it almost makes them even classier and more luxurious than they let off. On my trip to Paris in November last year NUXEproducts were high up on my must-buy list, and it was pretty easy to make this possible as the little pharmacy below my apartment (the first place I checked) had the full range. I treated myself to the famous lip balm and the Huile Prodigeuse multi-purpose dry oil. They were well worth the treat and lugging them all the way back home.

The good news for us all is NUXEis now available in Truworths stores and online here (it was in Edgars prior to this). The products truly are something special; I’m talking honest, natural skincare that is gentle and kind to the skin whilst getting the results. I was treated to the two products I already owned (but didn’t mind having extra stock of).  Huile Prodigeuse Multi-purpose Dry Oil This is possible the most famous product from NUXE, and for good reason. This oil really is multi-purpose, however, I keep it for my face and neck area as it’s too precious for my hair and body. It is a dry oil which makes application easy and clean. I wake up with the softest, most pampered skin after using this. I still, like all my facial oils, only use this on nights before hair-washing day, but that is just me being neurotic.

NUXE Reve de Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm (R130) I am still half way through my first one of these. It’s amazing stuff – almost like coating bees wax onto your lips. This has a permanent spot on my nightstand and I really do make every effort to apply it most evenings as the results are worth it. A little side note: my tub was getting super thick and slightly grainy in the colder months which I hated and I read that you can heat this product up to get rid of this which works and absolute treat. This is nothing to do with the product, it is the same as something like the Eve Lom Fcaial Cleanser which did exactly the same thing and needed heating up due to it;s natural ingredients.

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