Ponds BB Cream: Review

I have had loads of questions from my readers about BB creams and my feelings about them, so every time a brand launches their own version I get pretty excited to try it out – making sure I am able to give you guys the feedback you are all asking for.

I recently got sent Pond’s Flawless Radiance BB cream which I was pretty intrigued by; my reason being that I have tried the Flawless Radiance range before and been pretty impressed with the quality of ingredients and the great technology they make use of. Below are the finer details on the BB cream and my thoughts:

My number one pro about this product is the fact that it has an SPF of 30 – great for me as I am starting to see a bit of pigmentation developing – joy! The cream comes in two shades and has a special ingredient in it called Genactiv Cover technology which allows for blending across the skin tone – so no greying on darker skins. I initially thought the shade I got (Beige) would be too dark for me, however, the Genactiv formula ensured beautiful blending and the colour looked great with no sheen that it usually left on the skin in a product that contains a high spf like this.

Coverage wise you are going to find this gives you similar coverage to a tinted moisturiser which I love. My recommendation when applying this is to apply it as you would your foundation, I know a few ladies have mentioned that their skin felt tight after using a BB cream – this will happen if you skip out on your moisturiser so be sure to remember that step.

I did find I needed to still use my usual corrector under my eyes and on any pimples, but I think this is pretty standard and what you will get when using any BB creams/tinted moisturiser. Have a look at the below video for tips on application – this helped me understand the product well:

For ladies who are looking for a well-priced BB cream, go and try this out. It comes in Beige and Chocolate shades and goes for R89.99.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    This looks wonderful! Can you use the Beige colour BB Cream on a caucasian skin tone? Thanks, Sam 🙂

  2. Prettiful Blog
    Prettiful Blog says:

    I found this looks a little too grey and matte on me… I prefer the rimmel one and garnier one… RImmel has more coverage and a higher spf.

  3. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    I really didn't enjoy the Rimmel (particularly) and wasn't really a fan of Garnier's either. That's interesting though – maybe different skin types work better with certain formulas 🙂


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