My Skinny Brew 28 Day Teatox Review

I have been a fan of detoxing teas for a while now. I have to be honest, I don’t really use these teas religiously as a full on daily detox, however, I swear by them a few times a week before bed to help my digestive system kick into gear and to make myself feel energised and good.

I battled to find local teas that had the ingredients I was looking for so opted to order my teas from Australia from a brand called Zing Tea – extravagant, I know. So with the weak rand and the fabulous custom charges we have to endure I was doing my teatoxes (whilst getting broke).

That was until the ladies at Skinny Brew contacted me offering me a 28 day Teatox (R300). The teas are 100% natural and organic. The products they use are strictly fair trade; meaning all of their suppliers receive a fair price for their produce and can, in turn, live a sustainable lifestyle. And leaving the best for last; they are local, affordable and the tea tastes 10 times better than any other detox tea I’ve tried. Seriously! A great tip the girls gave me was to include a squeeze and a slice of lemon in my tea, and this makes it really refreshing!

Skinny Brew promotes:

• Healthy weight loss

• Calorie burning

• Boost metabolism

• Cleansing

• Detoxification

• Appetite suppression

• Increased energy levels

Ingredients include: Chamomile Flowers, Dandelion Herb Cut, Green Tea Cut, Hibiscus Flowers, Juniper Berries, Liquorice Root Sticks (Cut), Nettle herb (cut), Peppermint Leaves, Psyllium Seed, Fennel Seeds and Senna Leaves.

You can have a look at their FAQ’swhich I found super helpful, especially if any of you have questions you want answered. You can also check out their website and buy online or mail them for further info.

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