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I wanted to attempt to do a hair tutorial for you guys as I am busy doing some work with Toni & Guy and loving experimenting and playing around with their products but, truth be told, I am very average when it comes to hair styling. I am OK when it comes to basics that can be achieved with my usual styler but it would be a bit silly doing a hair tutorial on something that I’m pretty sure you all know how to do. Anyway, that’s whereThe Small Thingsblog comes into play.

I have been following Kate from The Small Things for a while now and it’s purely for her hair tutorials. She is a hair stylist by trade so really knows what she’s talking about and does tutorials of hair styles you would want to wear on a daily basis and that don’t look too over-styled. Below are a few favourites that I have tried, as well as a few hair products from Toni & Guy that have helped me achieve the look.

The ‘hair-down’/casual Sunday look

 The tutorial: The products: The Sea Salt Texturising Spray (I gave a full review here). Amazing for the natural beachy waves and keeps everything in place with great volume.

The easy-to-achieve pony-tail look:

The tutorial:

The Product:

Classic Shine Gloss Serum to tame unruly fly-aways and give the pony-tail that sleek look.

The slightly smarter/loose bun look:

The tutorial:

The product:

Firm Hold Spray is great for keeping all in place without making your hair feel too stiff. Add some Sea Salt Texturising Spray too. It works wonders.

All images and videos from The Small Things.

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  1. Hasmita
    Hasmita says:

    I wish I had discovered this blog post before I cut my hair! I was growing it to do exactly this kind of thing but ended up just leaving it loose most of the time and then got fed up 🙁

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I love her hair tutorials too! If only my hair did what I want it to. Another hairdresser's blog to try if you don't already know of it is She doesn't do videos that often, but her step-by-step tutorials are easy enough to follow.

  3. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    Cool – thanks so much for sharing. I know. It often depends on my hairs mood as to how it looks. Plus I am useless at doing plaits!


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