Product Rave – Bumble & Bumble Surf Hair

Finally a product that means we don’t have to have spent the day waddling in the sea for hours, salt, red eyes and all…Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Hair does this in 3 sprays.I fell in love with their products in London – they have everything under the sun and the brand is cool yet classy – think a combination of TIGI and Kerastase. The quality is all there (well with most of their products) and they smell amazing-bar this one that smells of, well… salt!

It is verging on completely ridiculous that there is a hair spray that gives the ‘salt water girl’ look, specially when you looking at paying around £20 a bottle – but hey, we all love this beachy holiday feeling.

This New York based product house is readily accessible throughout the states and the UK and has a great online store (apparently free shipping on orders +$50 too). This travel gift set can be added to my Christmas wish list too…

Go check out the website because on top of it all, I think the brand image is pretty cool too 🙂

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