Perricone MD: Formula 15 is amazing

I’ve never really known that much about the Perricone MD products other than the fact that they are pricey and people go crazy for them so you can imagine how excited I was to get my hands on a bottle of their latest launch; Formula 15.

As the name suggests, this product is something that Dr Perricone has been working on for 15 years and is an adaption of his original hit product called the Face Firming Activator. The product is a treatment serum-like product that works its magic on wrinkles by using ALA anti-oxidants, DMAE, Phos E and Tocotrienols. Every bit of this product that is applied to the skin is used to the best of its ability thanks to the patented delivery system – this makes sure every ingredient goes to the part of the skin that it needs to work on.

See the below video to explain this further:

I’ve been using this for about a month now, particular focusing on my dreaded forehead lines and have truly seen great results. My skin feels tighter, toned, more radiant and softer. The serum sinks in beautifully and smells lovely (citrus-like).

Given the sheer amount (read: ridiculous amount) of time I spend on my skin daily with really amazing skincare products it takes quite a results-driven product for me to actually see results and this one did just that. If you can afford to part with R2995 (gasp) then go for it, you will most definitely get amazing results.

Available at Edgars.

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