Filorga Time Filler

Don’t you think this products name is so apt?

Filorga is a French skincare company that have recently released a botox-like-effect skincare product which I have been using for sometime now called Time Filler.

The cream has a really nice scent to it and applies really well (sinks in easily and makes the skin feel great). Its claim to fame is that it has three really super-duper/high tech ingredients in it that help retain moisture levels in the skin, thus plumping up wrinkles and reinvigorating that teenage glow that we all miss dearly.

Personally I think this cream delivers really well. I have a dry skin so have benefited from this product. I wouldn’t say it’s amazing for oily skin, but than again neither is any super-hydrating cream. The great thing about it is that it is light yet still fantastically hydrating, unlike other brands who create these super heavy formulas that make you feel as though your skin can’t breath. I don’t lurrrve the packaging though as found the square jar weird to open and close and just looks a tad clunky but nothing that would ever stop me from purchasing the product. The biggest selling point for me was my skin in the morning (post applying this cream the night before) as it literally glows and feels plump, especially around my eyes which is a problem area for me. The Filorga Time Filler is available from Edgars and Red Square stores for R650 for 50ml.

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