I’m a Kiehl’s fan

If I could launch one brand in South Africa it would definitely be Kiehl’s. If not for anything else, it would be for having the most incredible brand image. They ooze cool.

Luckily some of their products are really nice too – and for their price tag, so they should be. I am a huge fan of their Creme de Corp’s body cream – I have the big body pump version, which is really handy – a little goes a long way and it hydrates beautifully. Another one I love – and have spoken about in previous posts, is their Micro-dermabrasion scrub. This product is seriously abrasive, just how i like my scrubs. This way they really feel like they doing the job.

Their websiteis awesome and their stores are well worth popping into (for us South Africans), even if it’s just to pretend you interested and scrape up a couple of samples 🙂 (they nice like that)Brad Pitt is a fan after all…

This is their basic packaging above, followed by their limited edition ranges, which I’m a sucker for.

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